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Reduce the Monday morning "Rotten Egg Smell"

Tramp oil in stagnant coolant breeds bacteria which causes the foul odour. Once bacteria spreads throughout your machine it's difficult to get rid of. Prevent this by removing as much oil as possible from your coolant with an Oil Skimmer and eliminate stagnant coolant during down times with an inexpensive and effective aerator.

Available in two sizes: 1,200 cc for small sumps and for larger applications, 5,000 cc.



The air chiller produces and directs cold air at tooling bits. Uses no refrigerant, no electricity and has no moving parts. Eliminates mist cooling and heat related parts growth, extends tool life and accelerates machining time. In some cases ChillyBits can allow for the complete elimination of coolant and the costs and aggravation associated with it.

Available in two sizes with adjustable temperature settings.

Chip Magnet Coolant Cleaner

Chip Magnet Coolant Cleaner

This self-cleaning, maintenance free Coolant Cleaner is a real Chip Magnet! It removes ferrous fines from coolant with the use of permanent ceramic magnetic material or Rare Earth magnets. It's designed for use with surface grinders, gear grinders, honing and lapping machines, broaches, milling and drilling machines, face grinders or oil reclaiming machines. Clean coolant decreases operating costs and provides uniform part finish, longer life from tools and grinding wheels, reduces pump and machine wear, lowers coolant replacement costs, and reduces down time. And since metal fines are removed it also provides pump protection and extends pump life. Available in standard smooth-faced or optional extended-pole roll, which can be used when both ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants are present.



Save money by making old coolant useable again. The Chiperator is an inexpensive way to clean dirty machine sumps, tanks and parts washers. The air driven Chiperator quickly separates chips and swarf from liquids. It fills or drains a 55 gallon (208 litre) drum in less than 2 minutes! Simply suck up coolant laden with chips, swarf and muck, and the Chiperator strains the unwanted solids. The Chiperator then pumps the strained coolant back to the sump.


CoolescerThe Abanaki Coolescer is a must for any machine shop dealing with machine tool coolant. This unit will extend coolant life, reduce disposal costs, eliminate down time, improve tool life and help prevent dermatitis.

  • Leak proof fittings
  • Crush resistant hose
  • One year warranty
  • Self contained system
  • Coalescing cartridge never needs to be replaced

Coolant Mixers

EconoMixer 100EconoMixer 100 Coolant Mixer automatically mixes liquid coolant concentrates with water and dispenses the diluted solution into any sump or container. Can be wall mounted or mounted directly onto the coolant drum. The perfect concentrate level every time - with 14 ratio settings to choose from you will never waste time manually adjusting the concentrate level of your coolant again. Works with any sized coolant container.


EconoMixer 200EconoMixer 200 is designed for speed, accuracy, and cost savings. Simply insert the unit into 45 gallon drum of coolant concentrate and connect a water line to the unit. The adjustable needle valve allows for any ratio of mixture from 15:1 - 45:1.

All brass and metal construction for maximum durability with adjustable 2" sliding bung adapter for various drum heights.

Wet Vacuum

Q-VAC 100The Abanaki® QVAC 100 is a dual-function wet vacuum that thoroughly suctions all types of wet industrial spills to prevent injury and damage. It can also be used to remove coolant and chips from machine sumps for optimal equipment operation.

The Abanaki QVAC 100 is ideal for removing surface contaminates from process baths; emptying tanks and drain pits; draining containers and vats completely dry; and removing spent coolant from a machining center. The QVAC 100 will also vacuum oil, coolant, and other floor spills.


  • Empties coolant from sump
  • Vacuums oil, coolant, and other floor spills
  • Removes surface decontaminates from process baths
  • Empties tanks and drain pits
  • Vacuums containers and vats absolutely dry
  • Minimizes use of absorption materials
  • Fits on a standard 55 gallon, closed top drum
  • Requires no filters
  • Contains no parts to break or replace
  • Explosion-Proof model available

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