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The easy access open-construction Platypus Vacu-Valve and the Armadillo Vacu-Valve with impact protection, are the most economical ways to manage dust discharge from bag filters or cyclones under negative pressure. The fitted duckbill sleeve adjusts to the desired vacuum and material is continuously discharged. In addition, when the system is shut down all residual material is completely and automatically discharged. Requires no controls, no lubrication, no power supply. A variety of sleeves are available to handle all possible applications: abrasive materials, high temperature, low temperature, indoor and outdoor. Both models of the Vacu-Valve are available at a fraction of the cost of rotary airlock valves.

Vacu-Valve Ceramic Spray Dryer

Knife Gate Valve

Knife Gate Valve

Knife Gate Valves can be used to handle a variety of materials and operating conditions from low-cost manual valves to pneumatic and hand crank valves.

A variety of sizes are available in both round and square configurations for open hopper discharge or in-line use with some capable of closing through a static column of material.

Double Dump Valve

GatorGate Double-Dump Valve

The GatorGate Double-Dump Valve feeds and moves chunky or fibrous material that would jam ordinary rotary valves and is durable enough to move abrasive material. The GatorGate valve uses tandem gates to maintain proper pressure above and below the valve and has a reinforced closure mechanism to prevent air seepage. This double flap, material handling valve can be configured to operate using air or electricity and requires little maintenance.

  • Heavy duty carbon steel fabrication
  • Heavy duty gear reducer and cam mechanism
  • Explosion proof motors available
  • Pneumatic air cylinder or diaphragm actuator models available

Rotary Valve

Rhino Rotary 'R' ValveThe Rhino Rotary "R" Valve is designed for continuous discharge of dry, free-flowing, low-abrasive solids in gravity flow or low-pressure systems. Widely used in applications such as the bottom of cyclonic dust collectors and bag-house hoppers, the Rhino Rotary "R" Valve's steel plate construction gives it a distinct advantage in quality, flexibility and durability over cast valves.

  • Heavy duty steel plate fabrication.
  • Shrouded rotor.
  • Neoprene rubber tips.
  • Can handle temperatures to 175.
  • Stainless steel optional.
  • Available with TEFC or Explosion proof motor.
  • Operates under vacuum or pressure.
  • Custom sizes available

Rhino Rotary 'H' ValveThe Rhino Rotary "H" Valve's heavy duty steel plate construction and tight tolerances provide exceptional performance in handling highly-abrasive materials when compared to competing cast valves. Hardened-surface rotor vane tips and added clearance outside the rotor shroud allow the rotary "H" Valve to operate smoothly without packing or excessive wear. This tough material handling valve is equipped with a standard 4 vane rotor, outboard bearings for easy maintenance, and a TEFC motor.

The Rhino Rotary "H" Valve acts as a rotary airlock feeder and suits a wide range of applications in industries where dry free-flowing powders, granules, crystals, or pellets are used. The "H" Valve easily handles cement, ore, sugar, minerals, grains, plastics, dust, fly ash, flour, lime, coffee, cereals, pharmaceuticals, and more. This rugged and dependable valve is ideal for nearly any abrasive material application.

  • Heavy Duty steel plate fabrication
  • Shrouded rotor
  • Abrasive resistant
  • Hardened-Tip Steel Rotor
  • Custom sizes available

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