Do You Know, What You Don’t Know?

Do you know you don’t know, what you don’t know?

Sure, we all know Abanaki Oil Skimmers are valuable tools in the industrial world to automatically remove oil and grease from water and coolant in manufacturing, mining, power generation and many more. 

Did you know that Oil Skimmers are equally effective on canola oil, vegetable oil, fish oil and other grease and oils commonly found in food processing?

Direct Separation Solutions has Abanaki Oil Skimmers deployed in plants throughout Canada that produce everything from popcorn and potato chips to French fries and dog food. Soup, yoghurt, beverages, prepared meals, the list goes on. 

An Abanaki Oil Skimmer can automatically extract floating oils and grease without pulling up the base liquid. Whether it is to reclaim usable oil, meet strict environmental/municipal wastewater requirements or keep equipment and drains, clean and protected. No manpower required. High temperature? Deep pit? Limited space? We have it covered. 

What products can help you remove oils and grease?

After working exclusively in the separation field for more than two decades, Direct Separation Solutions has the expertise to solve your separation problem.  

While there are dozens of Abanaki Oil Skimmer models and configurations available for any application, the Tote-It is capable or removing up to 40-45 litres of surface oil per hour while the Model 8 Oil Grabber can recover up to 100-110 litres per hour.  Both machines are built-to-order and customizable to your exact application.  Super efficient and super durable. 

Direct Separation Solutions would love the opportunity to discuss how an Abanaki Oil Skimmer can help you save time and money.