Dust Collection

GPC (Ground Plate Cyclonic) Dust Collector


Typical cyclonic dust collectors require a large amount of space for efficient function. However, the Aerodyne Ground Plate Cyclone is not your typical Dust Collector. To reduce the amount of space required a unique sloped spiral inlet is utilized to direct the dirty gas stream toward a fixed ground plate and hopper which forces vortex reversal to occur in a much shorter space compared to conventional cyclones. As the dirty gas stream strikes the convex ground plate, fine particulate that has not completely made it to the dust collector walls is deflected into the hopper. The ground plate also shields collected particulate from the forces of the vortex reversal, acting as a barrier between the separation chamber and the collection hopper.

GPC Infographic

The Aerodyne Ground Plate Cyclone can operate at higher air velocities so they are equally effective in vertical or horizontal options. Ideal for operations with floor space restrictions or overhead obstacles.

These compact Dust Collection Cyclones can also be used as a pre-filter for bag-houses & fabric filters to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Save money by increasing bag and/or filter life
  • Reduced downtime with less frequent change-outs
  • Reduced dangers due to excess dust build-up within bag-house.
  • Compact design makes it more cost effective to ship and easier to install

Ground Plate Cyclones can attain 99% removal efficiency of materials 20+ microns at 3″ static pressure.