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Get oil and other hydrocarbons out of your water and coolant, efficiently and affordably.

Direct Separation Solutions provides a complete selection of environmentally friendly, affordable and time-tested Oil/Water separation products for all applications.

Featuring the Abanaki® family of Oil Skimmers including: Belt Skimmers, Disk Skimmers, Tube Skimmers, Oil Concentrators and Coolant Maintenance Accessories we have the ideal product to provide you with maximum oil removal performance with minimal environmental impact.

We offer a complete line of Oil Skimmers for the following applications:


  • Most inexpensive way to remove oil from water
  • Saves coolants by removing tramp oil
  • Remove oily wastes to conserve parts wash water
  • Prevents plugging of spray heads and filters
  • Reduces fluid disposal costs
  • Skimmed oil can be recycled and reused as a lubricant or fuel
  • Helps meet government requirements for water discharge
Maximum Oil Removal, Minimal Environmental Impact

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