Oil Skimmers

PetroXtractor® Well Oil Skimmer

The Abanaki® PetroXtractor® is a dependable and cost effective means of removing oil, fuel, and other floating hydrocarbons from water where access to the fluid surface is limited. It provides efficient remediation of groundwater contaminated by oil, using existing recovery and monitoring wells. Often, the PetroXtractor® working alone will reduce oil or fuel content to acceptable levels. Models are available for 2.5cm (2 inch), 5cm (4 inch), and 7.5cm (6 inch) or larger ID well casings, with removal rates up to 45 litres per hour (12 gph based on SEA 30 motor oil). Depths in excess of 30 metres (100 feet) can be accommodated without the use of pumps.

The PetroXtractor® is an oil skimmer that makes use of the differences in specific gravity and surface tension between oil and water. These physical characteristics allow the unit’s continuous belt to attract floating oil in the well. After picking up the oil, the belt travels over the head pulley on the drive unit and through tandem wiper blades. The oil is then scraped off both sides of the belt and discharged through a 3.175cm (1-1/4”) ID hose. The unique bearing-less design of the tail pulley (immersed in the well water) with its tethered frame allows it to perform three important functions: it keeps proper tension on the belt, prevents accidental loss down the well, and keeps the belt centered in the casing.

The PetroXtractor® can be installed in existing wells by mounting it on a flat surface above the well casing. Skimmer operation consists of merely lowering the belt and tail pulley into the casing until the pulley is fully immersed, placing the discharge hose in a container, and switching the unit on.

  • Ideal for removal of floating oil and other hydrocarbon liquids from existing remediation or monitoring wells
  • Can be installed in well casings as small as 5cm (2 in).
  • Can elevate skimmed oil more than 30 metres (100 feet) for discharge into a 208 litre (55 gal) drum
  • Removes up to 45 litres (12 U.S. gallons) per hour of oil from water
  • Allows existing monitoring wells to be used as recovery wells
  • Portable can be easily hand-carried from site to site
  • A single unit separates oil and elevates it up to 30 metres (100 feet) without a pump
  • Skims very little water (unlike other skimmers and torpedo pumps)
  • Maintains skimming efficiency with fluctuating water level
  • Tail pulley is tethered to the frame to prevent accidental loss of belt and tail pulley in the well casing
  • Easy mounting, fast cleaning with minimal maintenance
  • Belt materials to fit any application

Rugged Construction For Harsh Conditions: The PetroXtractor® will provide many years of trouble-free service. Belts are specifically selected for your application and a tough power train keeps the PetroXtractor® running under the most severe conditions.

The PetroXtractor® is designed for those applications that have a limited access area and a deep drop between the mounting surface and the surface of the liquid. The unit can be used anywhere, even where no electric power or compressed air is available. Explosion proof and pneumatic motors are available for areas where combustible fumes may be present. Vapor-tight models can also enhance the explosion proof properties of the unit.

  • Groundwater monitoring wells
  • Recovery wells
  • Underground tanks