Oil Skimmers

Oil Boss® Oil Skimmer

If you’re running multiple shifts and your machines are in operation non-stop, to keep your coolant free of tramp oil you need the Abanaki Oil Boss Coalescer. The Oil Boss continuously pumps contaminated fluid from the sump through a chip-blocking pre-filter to the inlet valve.

From there, it passes through coalescing media that separates oil from coolant. Clean coolant returns to the sump. Waste oil exits through the discharge tap.

Dirty coolant can generate smoke, bacterial issues (rotten egg smell) and impaired machining quality. The Oil Boss keeps coolant free of oil and extends tool and coolant life. Longer coolant life also means lower disposal costs.

The magnetic mounting bracket allows the Oil Boss to cling to the metal surface of your machining centre. This approach not only provides portability but also keeps the Oil Boss safely off the floor to reduce spills and delivers easier inspection access.