Coolant Maintenance

EconoMixer Coolant Mixer

EconoMixer 150
If you are looking for speed, accuracy and a way to save money – the EconoMixer 150 is your solution. Top operate, insert the EconoMixer into a container of coolant concentrate from 5 to 55-gallon capacity and connect a water source. The dial/ needle valve allows instant uniform concentrations at any ratio. The water pressure required for the Economixer 150 is 25 pounds.

The EconoMixer 200 is designed for speed, accuracy, and cost savings. Simply insert the unit into 45 gallon drum of coolant concentrate and connect a water line to the unit. The adjustable needle valve allows for any ratio of mixture from 15:1 – 45:1.

All brass and metal construction for maximum durability with adjustable 2″ sliding bung adapter for various drum heights.