Discharge Valves



The easy access open-construction Platypus Vacu-Valve and the Armadillo Vacu-Valve with impact protection, are the most economical ways to manage dust discharge from bag filters or cyclones under negative pressure. 

Knife Gate Valve

Knife Gate Valves

Knife Gate Valves can be used to handle a variety of materials and operating conditions from low-cost manual valves to pneumatic and hand crank valves.

Rhino Rotary "H" Valve

Rotary "H" Valve®

The Rhino Rotary “H” Valve® provides exceptional performance in handling highly-abrasive materials when compared to competing cast valves.

Rhino Rotary "R" Valve

Rotary "R" Valve®

The Rhino Rotary “R” Valve&reg is designed for continuous discharge of dry, free-flowing, low-abrasive solids in gravity flow or low-pressure systems.
GatorGate Double Dump Valve

Double Dump Valve

The GatorGate Double Dump Valve feeds and moves chunky or fibrous material that would jam ordinary rotary valves and is durable enough to move abrasive material.

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